Effective Antivirus Software
Most viruses on home computers are caused by having little, or no, antivirus software. Free software is often not as effective or thorough as a commercially purchased one. DCS can supply and install suitable antivirus software to suit your needs.

Security Updates
Antivirus is one thing, and making sure updates are done is just as important. We ensure machines are always updated when we have them onsite and no new machines leave without being fully protected.

Virus Removal
DCS has a suite of software for removing viruses, spyware, Adware and other threats on your computer. We see a large range of virus and spyware on machines and know what is required to remove it. Contact us to arrange for your machine to visit us for a clean up or virus removal.


Home Network & WiFi
DCS make it easy to set up your home Network and WiFi (wireless connection) whether you have a rural or standard ADSL broadband to a much faster fibre-optic broadband connection. We can advise you which one is best, any possible issues to look for, help with the change-over of your devices to the new broadband and get you fully up and running.

Extend/Improve WiFi
DCS can install extenders to improve your WiFi coverage and speed (including to a sleepout/studio/granny flat). There is a good range of straight-forward options that we can recommend based on your needs. DCS will advise on the different options, where the equipment should go, then make sure everything’s working properly!




When DCS supply new machines, we transfer the data and setup programs as part of the supply service. If you already have a machine and prefer our experienced personnel to transfer the data and complete the setup for you, this can also be arranged.

There are many hidden components – some of which many people don’t even know about. Let our team assist to ensure all your data is transferred and logging on when you get home is hassle-free!


Regular Backups
Protect against major data loss, with regular backups. Hard Drive failure may lead to important files being lost, e.g. precious photos, and specialist data recovery can be expensive.

Basic / Online / Cloud
DCS can show you how to do basic backups – a function built into most computers, or critical data can be backed up online. Files can also be backed up onto ‘the Cloud’ – DCS has their own cloud backup server located in Mid Canterbury so your data is protected and kept locally.




Honest Advice
DCS has access to a comprehensive range of the latest desktops and laptops. We’ll advise on the most suitable brand and model, and which ones to avoid! We’ll be honest if there’s a better deal elsewhere, and we’ll never recommend a brand/model with a high failure rate.

All machines come with the full backup and support from our DCS support team.


Huge Range & Latest Technology
DCS has access to a HUGE range of software and accessories such as speakers, headphones, web-cameras and carry bags. One of our main suppliers has over 50,000 different products to choose from!

To ensure you have the latest technology, DCS usually orders items in. We do however keep a small range of everyday items should you need something urgently.


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  • Insight

    DCS will take the time to fully understand your IT needs; whether it’s software, hardware, or virus and spyware removal.

  • Future-proofing

    ‘The Big Picture’… We’ll think ahead about your future needs, and only provide an IT solution which will be of use to you long-term.

  • Education

    We’ll stay in touch. DCS will keep you up-to-date on new software, hardware and advances in IT.

DCS also has a free pickup and drop off service in the Ashburton area.


We have all your home computer needs and wants covered.

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